Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites which allow its users to connect to millions of people from all over the world. Generally, people use it to talk to their friends and get to know what is happening in one’s life by sharing pictures and posts. But as the technology keeps upgrading, Facebook has also added so many features to it over years and now people have so many reasons to use Facebook. If you have any query related to any of the Facebook features then simply call at the Facebook support number.

Following are the most common purposes for which people use Facebook:

  • One of the important reason for which people use Facebook is to check the news feed where various news platforms update their content. Also, some of the Facebook pages provide entertainment related news which is viewed by a very large number of Facebook users.

  • Some people use it to keep a note of their friends’ birthday when they have a large number of friends from school, college or work.

  • As Facebook has become more than a social network, it has also been used lately to promote the business as the content can be posted to a larger number of people at a time.

  • The other reason to use Facebook can be to create awareness about a social cause or any social activity in trend. This can be related to any particular disease like ALS or a social trend like No-shave November.

  • Another important reason to use Facebook is to stay connected to your friends and relatives as there are some of them who stay in different parts of the country.

  • Facebook is full of entertaining things and one can also use it to use their spare time. Facebook can also entertain you when you are getting bored.

  • Some people like to keep updating their regular activities and pictures on Facebook. This is the other reason to use Facebook.

  • Facebook can also be used if you want to get updated about your friends’ Facebook activities and posts or to secretly stalk anyone.

  • Some people use Facebook as their regular routine and they think it is important to use Facebook every day otherwise they will miss something important.

  • Facebook is also used by some people because everyone else in their group is on Facebook so as a part of peer pressure.

Facebook technical support phone number can be dialed if you have any questions to ask about Facebook.


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